Companies to Contact

Sometimes, if you contact companies they will send you coupons in the mail!

Here are my rules that I live by:
1.  I will never contact a company of a product I do not use.
2.  I don't lie when writing to them.
3.  I never ask for coupons.  I tell them how good their product is and ways it has helped me.

Below you will find some of the companies I have contacted and received responses from! (This list will be updated as I get more responses)

Bush's (never received an email or anything, coupons just showed up in the mail!)
Smuckers (sent Jiff coupons.. I didn't know they made that!)
Aquafresh (include your address)
Hot Pockets
Henkel Corporate (makers of Renuzit, Dial and various other products.. for this one you need to request coupons and leave your address)
Pepperridge Farms