Sunday, October 30, 2011

Info on the $2 Tide Coupon you need to know about..

You all know I do my best to post about responsible couponing.  No shelf clearing, no using counterfeits etc.  It's a matter of pride in yourself.  I was skimming the Tide's Facebook page this morning and stumbled across this in one of their comments:

The coupon does not have a size restriction and is valid on all Tide detergent that is distributed by Procter & Gamble. The single use packets are not distributed by P&G and therefore the store reserves the right to choose not to accept the coupon on that item. I hope this helps with any confusion.

we license the Tide name and actual product to another company (in this case Cotton Buds) to distribute one use packets of the product. It is actually Tide in the package but it is distributed by the other company. Since that product isn't distributed by P&G the stores reserve the right to deny a manufacturer's coupon on that product. I hope this helps.

This means that the store may not be reimbursed for the coupon if you use it on that product. Keep this in mind if you're looking for overage this week.  Your store will probably allow it, because I doubt they even know that it is not distributed by P&G.  BUT there are some really good sales going on this week at CVS where this $2 coupon could come in handy. The Tide 2x ultra 19-32 loads liquid is $5.94.. with the coupon it's down to $3.94.  This is a GREAT deal for Tide detergent.

P.S. For those that received the email about receiving your coupon.. the email was sent too early so don't panic if you registered for it and didn't get it yet.

Also, for those of you who requested the coupon last week but have not received it yet, those are still being processed. The email was mistakenly sent too early. Sorry for that!

I've also heard rumors that they are also going to be doing the $2 coupon giveaway again around November 14th so keep an eye on the Tide facebook page.

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