Monday, November 14, 2011

My recent WM experience that tested my Anger Management skills

Those of you who are friends with with my on my personal already know most of this story, but I'd like to share it with the rest of you.  I called in a prescription to be refilled two days in advance just to make sure it would be filled when I got to the store.  When I arrive at the store, I discovered the pharmacy was closed to lunch (who closes a place from 1:30-2:00.. I mean really).  So, I hurried up and finished all my other shopping and waited for the pharmacy to open.  (By this part in time, I'm only slightly annoyed) When it finally opens up, I walk over to the counter and give the lady my best fake smile and tell her my name and date of birth.  She tells me that the prescription has already been picked up (cue fading fake smile).  I tell her that it's not possible because I just called it in and I had not been in the store since and no one even knew I had a prescription to pick up so it was impossible that someone picked it up for me.  She again simply tells me "Well, it's already been picked up". Now, this may be a bit personal but I think it's critical to the story.  The prescription is for anti-depressants (I refer to as my happy pills).  Without them, I'm known to have a "slight" anger problem.  I had not taken this medication for two days because I had been out.  Do you see where this story is going yet?  I told her if she looked in her computer there were 2 Patricia Fredericks and that is why they ALWAYS verify our middle initial and address because this had come close to happening before that's why we both added extra precautions to our accounts.  About this time, her face went pale (apparently she was the one who had given the other lady MY script).  Here comes the Pharmacist (who I have had interactions before and is a jerk).  Before he had a chance to start, my hand came up and my head did this little twist thing I didn't know it could do and I informed them that not only is this extremely unprofessional but also this other Patricia had every right to file a lawsuit especially if she took them.  I also kindly mentioned that  if she was pregnant that was on their conscience (I took them while I was pregnant so I know that they are ok, but I just want to make them feel worse).  After they left me standing there for 10 minutes looking like an idiot while they talked in the back, I kindly turned around and informed the LONG line behind me what was going on.  Apparently, that was enough drive to get them to move a bit faster and get my script filled. They were supposed to call the other Patricia and tell her what was going on.  I hope for her sake she gives them more hell than I did. (I've talked to her on the phone before by accident, and I have a feeling she might make what I did look like an episode of Dora the Explorer). Moral of the story... always start out nice and courteous to see where that gets you.  If it doesn't get you anywhere.. go for the head twist.

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