Sunday, September 4, 2011

CVS awesome deals week of 9/04

I was checking out the CVS deals this week.  They got some good ones!

Coke/Diet Coke 2 liters .99

Jumbo Pampers/Huggies $7.99 recent $1 off coupon printed from the Magic Coupon Machine set to expire 9/20 (printed about 2 weeks ago) plus various manufacture coupons can make this pretty cheap.

FREE Hersey's Air Delight: .99 with .99 ECB

Sally Hansen BOGO 50% off: there was many prints for this from last month.  If you still have one, you can use 2 since you are technically purchasing 2.
Prilosec 14ct  $10.00 on sale.. $2.00 ECB which brings it down to $8.00 (Regular is around $14).  Stack the $1 off from the recent P&G insert and get it as low as $7.. HALF OFF IS AWESOME!

Zantac (various counts and products) $19.99 sale with $5.00 in ECB brings it  down to $14.99. Dig around and see if you can stack a manufacture coupon on top of that.  If you ordered a sample from them recently, usually they come with coupons so double check!

Excedrin (various varieties) $5.00 in ECB.  They didn't say in the add is there was a quota to fill to get the ECB so I'm not entirely sure how this one would work.  But, there were recent coupons for them in the past months inserts so it's worth taking a look at.

Schick Quaetro $8.99 sale.. $4.00 in ECB brings it down to $4.99.  I KNOW there is a manf. coupon out there for this somewhere.  I'm just having trouble finding it!

As most of you know, I love CVS.  If you would like to check the add out for yourself, you can do so by clicking Here. Also, if you have a question or would like to add some input, please leave a comment on the bottom or contact me Here.

Happy shopping

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