Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pampers Cruisers Diapers only $29.23 for 160 ct box!

So I'm digging on Amazon today and checked the diapers, because let's face it, when you have an infant you can never have enough. I happen to stumble upon what I think is an awesome deal:

Pampers Cruisers 160 ct diapers for only $29.23

How you ask? Here's the breakdown:

On Amazon, they are originally $43.90. When you sign up for Amazon Mom and Subscribe &Save, that knocks the price to $30.73 (including shipping). There's also a $1.50 coupon at the bottom of the page that if clicked, will apply to your account at checkout knocking the total down to $29.23

Amazon Mom: There's a bunch of purchases that are eligible to qualify for Amazon Mom.  I've signed up awhile ago and every time I buy something, my "trial period" or whatever it is they call it (it doesn't cost me anything) gets extended.

Subscribe & Save:  This is a program offered by Amazon that you can subscribe to get the same item purchased on the same day every month.  Here's the awesome part.  You can cancel at any time. So you make your one purchase, then cancel.  But, if you'd like to have any product delivered to you every month and not worry about it.. it's the way to go.

So if you would be interested in getting an awesome deal like this, I added a direct link to this product below, just click on the picture!!  Happy shopping!!

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