Thursday, September 15, 2011

How I got this for $27.89 to my house.. the next day!

Yes.  I got a 160 count of Pampers diapers shipped to my house the next day for $27.89.  How you ask? Swagbucks.  Plain and simple.  I was able to rack up $20.00 in gift cards to Don't believe me?

So now I'm guessing you want to know what Swagbucks is am I right? Well, you take surveys, do polls, do Internet searches, etc and receive points known as "swagbucks".  You can redeem these points for many different prizes.  My favorite of which is gift cards.  It costs 450 SB to get a $5 gift card.  This can easily be done in a week.

Next question I'm guessing you have is how? Well there are certain things you should do everyday.  Daily polls, NOSO, trusted surveys, and Internet searches.

Daily poll: You go to the Swagbucks homepage, click on earn in the top bar, scroll down to Daily Poll.  Answer the Question for a quick and easy 1 SB.

NOSO: No obligation offers. You get to it the same as above except you scroll down until you see NOSO.  Just skip through the offers (unless you're interested in one).  At the end, it will give you a code to enter.  That will be worth 2 SB.

Trusted Surveys:  You get it to the same as above except you scroll down to the bottom where you see "trusted surveys".  You can do as many that are available.  If you don't qualify, you get 1SB (up to a total of 5 SB a day for not qualifying for a survey).  If you do qualify for a survey, the points you receive vary.  The most I've gotten was 250 SB for one 20 minute survey!

Internet Searches: You can search the Internet from the Swagbucks homepage (or download the toolbar.  The toolbar will also give you an extra 1 SB a day).  Just randomly search for things.  These also vary from around 7 to about 50.  On Fridays you get extra!

Swagbucks TV is also a great way to earn.  I usually have it running in the background while doing other things.  Every 10 videos gives you 3 points and you can earn up to 150 points a day!

If you're interested in Swagbucks, you can sign up here.

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