Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football 101

It's that time of the year.  I'm a HUGE football fan (Go Saints! LSU Tigers! UL Cajuns!!).  So I thought maybe I'd post a couple of question and answers for people who are well let's face it.. know only that the ball is thrown back and forth and the boys in the uniforms have nice butts.

What is all this 'downs' business?
Each team has 4 tries to move 10 yards.  If you're watching on TV, usually they will have a line on the field where the ball currently is and where the 10 yard mark is. If you're at a live game, look for the dudes in bright orange with big orange sticks. 

So you mean that bright line saying where the 10 yard mark isn't actually on the field?
Nope, just graphics.

What in the world is the red zone I see no red!
It's 20 yards before the goal.  This is usually where most scoring takes place. This is the time when the offense of one team and the defense of the opposing team really need to step up their game.

How many players of each team are on the field at a time?
11 each

Who are on the "special teams"?
Special teams consist of anyone who is involved in kicking the ball: kicker, punt/kick returner (person who runs the ball back after it is kicked), holder, etc.

How do you score?
touchdown = 6
after scoring a touchdown, there are two options.  Either kick it through the goal posts (1pt) or running it into the end zone again (2pts)
field goal = 3
if a team is close enough to the end zone, but just can't score, most of the time they will kick a field goal if they're on 4th down (their 4th attempt to go those 10 yards.. and they know they're not going to make it)
touch back = 2
tackling an opponent in their own end zone

Is it OK for me to just cheer for the team with the best looking uniforms or the teams with the best butts?

I'll be adding to this page often, so check back soon!

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